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    CH-910 Aliphatic Waterborne Polyurethane Resin

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CH-910 Aliphatic Waterborne Polyurethane Resin is much suitable for rigid substrate coating, like wood, plastics, concrete, metal, etc. CH-910 can be used alone, also can be mixed with other acrylate emulsion. CH-910 paint film have excellent hardness, tensile sex, flexibility, chemical resistance and high gloss.


1. Free isocyanate root is zero, non-toxic pure environmental protection, without other benzene and other harmful solvents, no harm to human body, VOC contents confirms to the international environmental protection standard. 

2. Paint film is with excellent anti-tensile properties. 

3. It feels smooth and fine, good and clear luster. 

4. High hardness, pencil rigidity scratches can reach 1 H  

5. Water resistant, fine chemicals. 

Technical Index: 

Appearance: milky liquid 

Solids:35 more or less 1% 

Luster (60oC):89 

Swinging rod hardness: 0.80min 

Wear resistance(750g/500r):0.01 

Adhesion(guoquan method): 1 grade  

Ethanol resistance(50%): without any change in 1 hour 

Water resistance: without any change in 72 hours 

Lonic charge: anionic 

Elongation: 100% 

Recommended formulas for waterborne wood coatings 

Aliphatic Waterborne Polyurethane Resin