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    A new generation of polyisobutylene polyetheramine gasoline detergent
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Gasoline detergent polyetheramine AB-100 is a monoamine produced by the polymerization of low molecular weight polyisobutylene aromatic phenol and epoxy compounds, which has ZERO nonyl phenol.



As a new generation of polyisobutylene polyetheramine gasoline detergent, AB-100 can not only effectively clean the engine intake valve and fuel injector, but also will minimize the combustion chamber deposit. In addition, compared to current market general gasoline detergent, it has ZERO nethlphenol, which can well meet much higher environmental protection requirements.


Physicochemical Properties

Molecular weight: 1400-1800

Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid

Viscosity, 25/mPa · s: 2800± 200

Amine value, mmol/g: 0.5 ± 0.05

Water content: 0.2%



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